BOUVET. ALAIN, cytogenetics, spec. medical genetics; b. Nantes, France july 16,1959, arrived Canada 1969,-naturalized 1975; s. Andre and Marie-Therese (Ruffault) B.; Univ. of Montreal 1978-1982 DMV; Univ. of Guelph 1982-1984 MS. Assoc. memb. Sigma XI Sodety-. FCAC Quebec (1982-1984), Univ of Guelph(l982-1983,1986-1987) OGS (Ontario 1983-1984, 1986-1987), Beuy Goldham Fellowship (1982, 1986) NSERC (1984-1986), Rogar/STB (1983); National Examination Board (1982); memb. Ordre des Med. Veterinaires du Quebec, AVMA; PhD student Univ. of Guelph CAN 1984- present.Author. Platelet Morphology in Porcine Stress Syndrome, Anticoagulant-Induced Alterations in Pig Platelets. Platelet Alterations in Porcine Stress Syndrome; memb. Ontario Vet College Graduate Student Assn., Delegate from Biomedical Sciences(1982-1984). OVC library committee (1984-1987); Office: OVC Univ. of Guelph, Guelph Ontario NIG 2WI CAN phone 519-823-8800 ext 4965; home: 105 Conroy Ct.,Apt #507.GuelphOn@oNIG2V5 CAN,phone 519-822-2503.

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