About the Author:

Alain Bouvet, DVM, PhD, is a French Citizen and has been active in the field of domestic animal genetics since he graduated from the University of Montreal with a Veterinary Degree in 1982. He is currently looking for a position in Europe.

He spent 6 years at the University of Guelph in Canada, for his M.Sc, and PhD, investigating inherited problems in domestic animals, including malignant hyperthermia in pigs. He was awarded a Postdoctoral fellowship for scientific exchange between France and Canada and spent 2 years at the INRA research center in Jouy en Josas in France, investigating chromosomal anomalies and their impact on fertility in bulls and boars.

Then, for two years, he joined AFRC at the Babraham research center, to participate in the PiGMaP project, to work on the sorting of pig chromosomes to accelerate the progress of gene mapping in the pig. After an international competition, he was awarded a Kleberg Fellowship in Medical Genetics and spent the last three years at the Section of Medical Genetics of the Veterinary School of the University of Pennsylvania, investigating at the molecular level, animal models for human genetic diseases.

Apart from his research interests in Comparative Medical Genetics and Biotechnology, he enjoys teaching, the interface with people from all around the world at scientific meetings, and giving seminars, and is interested in Information Technology, including Bioinformatics, applied to the field of Animal Genetics.

He has been a member of the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG) since 1991, and is also an Old Darwinian ( he was accepted as a member of Darwin College during his stay in Cambridge).


He can be reached by e-mail at:  alainb@www.softel.fr

At the moment, his postal address is :

112 rue Damremont

75018 PARIS


TEL: (33) 1 55 79 08 13

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