Genet Sel Evol (1990) 22, 361-366

Synaptonemal complex behaviour in a bull homozygous for the 1;29 Robertsonian translocation

A Bouvet, EP Cribiu* INRA, Centre de Recherche de Jouy Laboratoire de Cytogénétique, 78350 Jouy-en-Josas, France


- Analysis of synaptonemal complexes from a bull homozygous carrier for the 1;29 Robertsonian translocation showed the presence of 28 autosomal bivalent figures including one with subtelocentrically located kinetochores.

No association with the sex vesicle was detected. In the X - Y bivalent, a pairing segment existed between the extremity of the X and Y chromosomes throughout pachytene. A gap separating that complex from the rest of the Y chromosome was apparente regardless of the stain used. The results of this study confirm that there is no meiotic impairment when this homozygous translocation is present.

cattle / meiosis / synaptonemal complexes / Robertsonian translocation

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