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- Customer Relations
- Team Coordination (internal and external collaborators)
- Information management; documentary watch
- Organisation of events(scientific congresses)

- MBA-DESS-CAAE, IAE de Paris, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, (2003)
Option: marketing management MBA paper : "Technological watch in the biotech industry".(with honors)
- Certificate, Fund-Raising Management, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA ( Marketing, Comptabilité, Organisation et Leadership )


 International Relations:  


Scientific Expertise:

- Applications of Cellular and Molecular Techniques to Biomedical Research    


Experience with both PC and Macintosh microcomputers:


EXPERIENCE:       (Detailed Report )

2001-2005   Data Manager, Publihelp, Paris, France (Medical Information services)

1997-2001 Head, House of  Orphan Diseases,  (AFRG) French Association for Genetic Research, Paris, France.  (Human Genetics)

1993-1996  Kleberg Fellow in Medical Genetics.

                    Section of Medical Genetics, School of Veterinary Medicine,
                    University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
                    (Comparative  Molecular Genetics)

1990-1992  Higher Scientific Officer

                    Laboratory of Genome Mapping, Molecular & Cellular Physiology Department,
                   AFRC (Agricultural & Food Research Council) Animal Physiology and Genetics  Research                               Institute, Babraham, Cambridge, UK

                   (Comparative Gene Mapping)

1988-1990  Post-Doctoral Fellow

                    Cytogenetics Laboratory, Animal Genetics,Department,
                    INRA (National Institute for Agronomical Research)  78350 Jouy en Josas France.

                   (Comparative Cytogenetics & Reproduction)



2003 MBA-DESS-CAAE , IAE of Paris (Sorbonne Graduate Business School),

                      University Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne)

1988 PhD      Biomedical Sciences Department,

                      Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph, Canada

1984 M.Sc    Biomedical Sciences Department,

                      Ontario Veterinary College, University of Guelph , Canada

1982 DVM   Faculté de Médecine Vétérinaire,

                      Université de Montréal, Canada



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