Bouvet A., , Miller N.A. , and Tucker E.M.'.

1. AFRC Institute of Animal Physiology & Genetics Research. Babraham, CB2 4AT,            UK.

As part of the EC pig gene mapping (PIGMAP) programme, our aim is to use flow sorted pig chromosomes for gene localisation and construction of chromosome libraries. The 20 peaks seen in the male pig flow karyotype were tentatively correlated with the 18 pairs of autosomes and the X and Y chromosomes of the Standard Pig Karyotype. The X and Y chromosomes could unequivocally be identified since in the female flow karyotype, a peak was noted with twice the number of events than in the male flow karyotype, and another peak present in the male flow karyotype was absent. The remaining peaks were tentatively assigned on the basis of their relative DNA content compared to the relative length of pig mŽtaphase chromosomes. These tentative assignements need confirmation using direct methods of chromosome identification after sorting.

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