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Ann Genet 1992;35(1):3-7

Heterosynapsis in two fertile but hypoprolific boars carriers of reciprocal translocations.

Jaafar H, Bouvet A, Gabriel-Robez O, Bonneau M, Boscher J, Maetz JL, Popescu CP, Rumpler Y

Institut d'Embryologie, Faculte de Medecine, Strasbourg, France.

The authors report here two new cases of reciprocal translocations in two fertile and hypoprolific boars. Silver stained synaptonemal complexes in surface-spread pachytene nuclei from a boar heterozygous for a reciprocal translocation, and from another one carrying two different reciprocal translocations, were analyzed by electron microscopy. In such heterozygotes, cross-shaped quadrivalent configurations are expected to form in order to allow homologous pairing. In the same boar, the lengths of the fully synapsed arms of the quadrivalent varies from one quadrivalent to the other and heterosynapsis was obvious. Heterosynapsis was also observed with asymmetrical pairing of the non-homologous partners of the quadrivalent. This heterosynapsis is assumed to be a mechanism preventing spermatocyte loss, but inducing a secondary segregational type of impairment of fertility due to foetal wastage leading to reduced prolificacy.

PMID: 1610117, UI: 92303986

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