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Ann Genet 1989;32(4):193-199

Synaptonemal complexes analysis in a bull carrying a 4;8 Robertsonian translocation.

Bouvet A, Popescu CP, de Giovanni-Macchi AM, Colombo G, Molteni L

INRA-CRJ Laboratoire de Cytogenetique, Jouy-en-Josas, France.

Synaptonemal complexes analysis was performed using electron microscopy on surface-spread spermatocytes of a bull heterozygous for the 4;8 Robertsonian translocation. In 19 cells examined, the longest autosomal complex showed kinetochores in a central position whereas the remaining autosomal complexes showed terminal kinetochores. Synapsis in the trivalent appeared complete in all cells, and the trivalents usually showed a CIS configuration. The arm ratio varied from 1.05 to 2.04 with an average of 1.32 +/- 0.43. Out of 47 cells showing X-Y bivalents, 34 showed a small synaptonemal complex at one extremity of the X chromosome, and an unstained gap in the Y chromosome. There was no association between the X-Y bivalent and the trivalent. The absence of association would explain the normal spermatogenesis noted in this bull, in contrast to human and mouse carriers of translocations which show impaired spermatogenesis due to the association between the rearranged chromosomes and the sex vesicle. Further studies involving bulls carrying one or more Robertsonian translocations are needed to determine whether this absence of association is a constant feature in cattle.

PMID: 2610484, UI: 90120508

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