Dairy Improvement Programs (Programmes Informatiques Laitiers).

Andre Bouvet, Agr.Ing.,Dairy Management Teacher; Alain Bouvet,D.V.M.,M.Sc.,Univcrsity of Guelph and Catherine Bouvet, B.Ing., M.Sc., University of Sherbrooke.

Instructional Purpose:

Programs developed for use by Dairy Producers, Dairy Extension Specialists and Teachers of Agricultural Colleges.

Discipline and Area of Use:

Programs cover all aspects of dairy herd management. Nutrition of dairy cows, individual rations, total rations, cows on pasture. Rearing heifers, control of growth, nutrition. Reproduction, Herd Health and Genetic Improvement.


Programs consist of independently developed series on a particular topic ie:-Nutrition, reproduction, etc. Each series answers the everyday needs of milk producers. In addition to the programs, a sample disk and a manual are provided for self-teaching and easy understanding of the operation of the system. Data required to run the programs are currently available on the farm ie: Feed Analysis , Dairy Herd Analysis Report, etc. Programs can be used at two levels: Individual Basis, Average Values.

Equipment Needed:

One microcomputer with two disk drives. Microcomputers should have one of the following two operating systems: MSDOS, ie IBM and compacibles and/or PRODOS, ie Apple IIc and IIe. A printer is recommended but not essential.


Two series are currently available in English or in French: Nutrition of Dairy Cows and Rearing Heifers. Series are sold directly on request, after signature of an agreement limiting the use of the programs to the buyer himself and protecting the rights of the authors. All correspondence should be addressed to: PIL-DIP, CP 82, Lennoxville, Quebec JlM IZ3

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